Attorneys Embracing New Billing Models

Attorneys at workIn the past, most lawyers adhered to the old standard of billing their customers per hour. In many cases, this is perfectly fine and the customers are happy with it to, but it has tended toward rewarding inefficient or unproductive service. There have been numerous cases where attorneys have not come through for their clients or who were overburdened with workloads and still charged their clients the same rate as they always would, despite poor results.

Or course, this has led to a number of disputes and bad reviews, customer complaints and even incidents of clients taking their former attorneys to court over the perceived wrongdoing. Due to the increased frequency of these problems, many lawyers have started to embrace new billing methods that are more customer friendly or that more accurately reflect the work done.

One of the most common one of these is the milestone method, where the firm sets a fixed rate for achieving a certain win for their client or for getting something done for their client. That way, the client only has to pay when something is accomplished, instead of on a weekly basis even though it may seem like nothing is being done. Many a lawyer in Spartanburg, SC has experimented with this method of billing.

Other attorneys are setting up accountability services that show clients exactly what is being done by their office and attorneys at any given time. They create timesheets, have a customer representative handling any inquires about productivity and what is being accomplished and document the various abilities of their attorneys so that customers know who is doing what and why they are being assigned a particular attorney by the firm.

Some firms are even letting cost-conscious customers determine when the billing stops. They can set up a billing schedule and continue to receive service for as long as the schedule is active. When they feel like they are no longer being served adequately or they feel that their needs have been met, they can simply cancel the billing program and the attorneys will retire their services.

Attorneys such as those at lawyer spartanburg sc have looked into several alternative billing methods in an effort to appease clients or to head off problems before they start.

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