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The Importance Of Insulating Your Home

If you are considering to invest in solar water heating, solar panels, heat pumps or other green sources of energy for your house, the first move you should make is to improve your home’s insulation. This can ensure that you maximize the use of natural resources and won’t waste energy. Be careful, if you skip this step you will end up spending a lot of money buying a powerful system to over the energy needs of a badly insulated home. Insulation is one of the most efficient forms of saving energy at home since it keeps the house warm in the winter and cold in the summer. If you are looking to get your home insulated, click here to contact a qualified contractor to make the proper installation you need.

These are some of the elements that make insulation something necessary for your home

What is home insulation?

Insulation will keep the desired temperature in your home all year round, protecting it against an excess of heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Also, insulation is useful to reduce noise pollution. A well-insulated home is energy efficient and will need very little additional heating and cooling. The amount of money you are going to save will depend on different factors like the size of your house and the type of insulation used.Also, depending on how old your home is, you will need to add less or more insulation measures.

What are insulators are made of?

There are different qualities and materials, but good insulators consist of products that have a structure similar to wool, that trap little pockets of air. Fabrics like hemp and cotton are great insulators, which means that having strong curtains will help to have a well-insulated home. Wood based products like wooden doors and hardboard are also good insulators that will maintain your home warm. There are also spray foam solutions usually polyurethane based. Foam can be use for roof tiles because it fills gaps, and the adhesive strips variant can be used around doors and windows.

What are the different types of insulation?

Wall insulation

Depending on the kind of wall you have, you could use:

  • Cavity wall insulation: The insulator is inserted into the wall through drilling holes which are then refilled with cement.
  • Solid wall insulation: If you have solid walls, you can choose between internal and external insulation. Internal insulation is usually applied to inner rooms, while external insulation typically covers the facade of the property.

Roof insulation

  • Warm loft insulates under the roof. This insulation is more expensive than cold loft but is a better insulator.
  • Cold loft insulates above the ceiling on the top storey.

Window and door insulation

Be sure you have double glazed windows and doors; it means having two panels of glass some millimeters apart instead of using a single glass.

Floor insulation

It might be expensive, so make sure if you need it depending on the type of floor you have.

Now that you now all the things that insulation implies, go ahead and contact a qualified contractor to install the type of insulation you need in your home. Thi video will help you understand why and how to insulate your home properly.

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