Healthy Diet Foods

Fresh and Refreshing

Healthy diet foods are also fresh, and refreshing. Low calorie and low fat are just the beginning to planning your meals. Eating a cup of fresh raspberries can give you a high percentage of manganese for your daily needs.

This potent trace mineral is a great diet food to help maintain energy levels. Low calorie and low fat, raspberries give out an enzyme that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates. This gives good sustained energy through out the day. Try some of these berries for breakfast.

Belly Tamer

Blackberries are among the natures secret fat blocking agents. Ellagic acid a phenolic compound found in blackberries act as a fat blocking agent.

The acid and phenolic compound block the intestinal absorption of fat to off set the effects of our daily modern-day diets. The ellagic acid acts like a scavenger to tract down and eradicate free radicals, this in turn causes cellular inflammation –belly fat.

Blackberries can be served fresh or frozen. Smoothies or frozen yogurt are a great way to enjoy this great diet food.

Raspberries are nature’s healthy diet foods with a touch of sweetness
Blackberries can be a powerful fruit to block fat before it gets started
Mulberries help shave off the unwanted inches in a short amount of time
Eat low calorie, low fat berries for any meal or snack or drink in a smoothie
Pre Fat Cells –Bye-Bye

Click Here!for great diet solutions! Most berries are a great diet food for whittling away your waist. Mulberries are a rich source of resveratrol a nutrient that shrinks existing fat cells by helping the body to burn stored fat for fuel, which prevents new fat from forming. Mulberries are a phytochemical that inhibits preadipocytes (baby fat cells) into converting to mature fat cells. All berries can be healthy and even diet friendly. Try some today.

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